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Mastering Stock Market All in One Mega Course Online by Pratish Kumar. Check Course Details, Fees, Modules, Contents. Trade & Invest in Share Market like a Pro.

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  • Course Name: Mastering Stock Market All in One Mega Course

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Mastering Stock Market Trading & Investing Course Online
Mastering Stock Market Trading & Investing Course Online

Mastering Stock Market All in One Mega Course

Hey there, fellow students! Today, we’re diving into the exciting world of the stock market and all the cool stuff you need to know about it. Imagine the stock market as a big shopping place where people who want to buy shares meet those who want to sell them. Shares are like tiny pieces of a company that you can own. And guess what? We’ve got some fantastic courses just for you if you’re new to this world and want to become a stock market expert to earn some extra money.

Let’s break down these courses for you:

  1. Basics of Stock Market: If you’re new to this, don’t worry! This course will give you the lowdown on all the new stuff and even if you’re not from a finance background, you’ll get it.
  2. Fundamental Analysis: Ever heard of “Stock Selection”? This course will teach you how to decide which stocks to pick. You’ll learn to read Balance Sheets, P&L Statements, and Cash Flows of a Company.
  3. Technical Analysis: This one’s cool. You’ll learn how to read charts and figure out patterns. Plus, you’ll get the hang of using technical indicators to predict where a stock’s price might go.
  4. Futures and Options: Fancy terms, right? These are like special tools for finance. You’ll learn from scratch what these are, how to use them, and even some strategies to protect your money and earn through trading. This is the king of stock market instruments as it helps so many persons to become millionaires in short spam of time and at the same time many lost their entire capital in short spam of time. You might have heard stories on traders made 10,000% profit in just hours. Even I have been part of a craze trade where I got some 10 or 30% profit in few minutes, but if I would enter bit earlier and hold it, I would have received around 400 times of my investment as profit. i.e., for an example a person who has invested 1 lakh in it would have turned his investment into 400 lakhs in just hours. I still have the screenshot with me, I will share it with my students of such crazy trades. Future and Options are the most toughest place to trade, but yet loved by the majority of trades to trade in due to it’s power of multiplying. I’m personally trading in it as it is very powerful to make money. One must learn thorough knowledge before trading in it. You must need a right mentor to provide the right information rather than just providing fancy stuffs like a YouTuber. In YouTube contents are very fancy and pleasing but might not be the right thing because they are just YouTubers & vide editors and so they focus in it rather than trading. But I focus on trading and sharing information, because I believe content is the King rather than fancy stuffs. Yes, it’s risky, but there is a safer method to make huge money from it which is not been talked in YouTube. I will show how to do that by showing historical data and logic. I will frankly talk about it’s dark side, the risk vs reward and it’s importance of having a look into it.
  5. Art of Value Investing: This is like a pro course. You need to know Fundamental Analysis for this. You’ll learn how to figure out the true value of a stock using different methods. There is a simple process which help us to select the best stocks of the time for safe investing which is not been talked by anyone online as per my research.
  6. Power of Compounding: Unlocking the Magic of Compounding: Your Money is Superpower. Ever heard of the magic that happens when you let your money grow? It’s called compounding, and it’s like a superpower for your finances.
  7. Mutual Funds: Mutual funds are like a team effort. This course will teach you how to pick the right one that suits you. And trust us, you’ll also learn some other cool mutual fund concepts.
  8. Mastering Money & Risk Management: Managing money is important, right? This course will show you how to do it right for a stable financial future.

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Along with all this awesome knowledge, you’ll also get:

  • A certificate (just complete the course and pass a test)
  • Support via email or WhatsApp for all your questions

Teacher Details

Now, let’s meet your instructor:

Pratish Kumar – He’s a super knowledgeable tech and finance educator in India with 15 years of teaching experience and 17 years of programming experience. He an Artificial Intelligence Programmer who make use of data science and AI to design and deploy profitable trading strategies. The stock market is connected with each and everything that we see around us. So understanding and gaining knowledge of everything is essential to know the pulse of it which is his quality that he has acquired over years of experience in different industry. He’s a master at making tricky finance stuff easy to understand. He runs so many websites, applications and online services and has got a huge followers on his different websites and apps.

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Why you should attend my course ?

  • Classes with be taken directly by me.
  • Get knowledge of a well experienced person.
  • 1-to-1 dedicated coaching. Limited time offer.
  • Pre-recorded videos, documents, study materials, live master class etc will be provided as per requirements.
  • Knowledge shared will not be available anywhere as it is collected using Artificial Intelligence programs, thorough backtesting, feedbacks from students and pro traders which took more than 10,000 hours. You can save 10,000 hours of time by going through our classes.
  • Backed by data science and artificial intelligence (AI), and 17 years of experience in IT, 15 years of experience in teaching, I have prepared the information which is going to share with you.

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The course is available free of charge for students of our academy. Please contact us to learn more.

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Those who buy this course now will get my special trading-view indicators for trading or investing which is originally developed in AI program and then converted it into trading view indicator for the ease of use by spending 2 years for it.

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