Pricing or Charges

Here is the pricing or the amount that I charge from my clients. These rates are same for the work done by me as well as by my company staffs.

Pricing FAQs

Why Do we Charge?

We charge from our clients because we are living with it. No one in this world will do something free for you without a solid reason. Everything comes with a plan !

Can you do 1 year Website or Software or Mobile App maintenance free of charges ?

It is impossible. Not only for us but also for every other developers. We usually develop websites, software, Mobile apps and other things maintenance free. So usually you may not require maintenance for it. However if you are dealing with any type of eCommerce or high traffic website/app/software, it’s worth subscribing a monthly maintenance package.

Other Companies are providing 1 year maintenance free of charges for their services. Why can’t you?

Beware of those companies or freelancers. They are just promising for getting the work. When you contact them for maintenance some won’t even attend phone calls, and other will charge you by cheating you.

Do you fix bugs free of cost?

Yes we do, if those bugs are found only because of our mistakes. While delivering the project or work, we always fix all the bugs occurred at that time. So the bugs that later arises are only due to server issues, or from the mistakes of you or your staffs, other factors.
However if you are using our server and the bug occurred due to latest server update, we will help you without any extra charges.

What’s your pricing or hourly rates?

It depends upon different factors. Usually we charge based on projects and sometimes for updation and other micro-works we charge based on hourly rates.

Hourly Charges

More than 18 years of smart-experience in the industry, I can make things really happen quicker than the competitors by making use of my smart knowledge & robust-intelligent tools. Consider designing a website; it takes 1 hour for me to create a stunning professional website.

  • Writing and Editing: $25 / hour
  • Website/App Management Service: $25 / hour
  • One-To-One LIVE ONLINE Tutoring classes: $50 / hour
  • Other Dedicated Support: $25 / hour
  • Tech / Programming / Server: $50 / hour

If the work is for less than 30 minutes, we may charge lesser than the pricing listed above. For indians or NRIs it will be converted into rupees and charge accordingly. For discounts contact me.


SEO CMS Website on Cloud

  • Turbo-Charged WordPress Managed Website
  • WordPress Content Management System (CMS)
  • WordPress CMS on Centralised Cloud Network
  • Free Domain
  • Free Search Engine Submission
  • Fast Loading
  • High Google rating and ranking
  • Mobile First
  • Powered by Amplified Mobile Project of Google (AMP)
  • Google LIVE Badging and Live Blogging feature
  • Desktop & Mobile is Powered by AMP
  • Daily Live Updates Check
  • Fully Managed Cloud Web Hosting
  • Highly Secured
  • Firewall
  • DOS attack prevention
  • Malware Detection
  • Anti-Spam Enabled
  • Anti-Virus Scan Enabled
  • Our own custom designed Theme
  • Highly Search Engine Optimised
  • Free On-page Search Engine Optimisation
  • Very User friendly
  • Target website visitors of audience categories
  • Advanced Caching Installed
  • Redis-Cache Server Support
  • Daily Cloud Backup
  • 100% security guaranteed
  • Free Bugs Fixing
  • 100% Maintenance Free
  • First time in the India
  • Guaranteed site stability for 1,00,000 users visit per day
  • Homepage with 2 image sliders & 3 section blocks, Pages like Contact, About, Privacy Policy are included in the package. Other pages charges extra if done by us. If you are managing it, you can create upto 10,000 posts/pages and medias which will cover upto 1 GB of media files
  • Much more…
  • Rate: Rs 999/month ($15/month) when paid yearly

Add-Ons Charges Extra

  • WordPress Admin/Backend Access: Pay on-time fee of Rs 5000 ($70).
  • One-To-One LIVE ONLINE Tutoring classes: Rs 999/hour ($15/hr)
  • Our Managing Service: Rs 999/hour ($15/hr)
  • Additional Page Charges: Rs 999/hour ($15/hr)
  • Other Customisation & Extra work done cost additional charges

Mobile Internet Traffic: We have a large network of websites were we are getting 1 million user visit everyday. Through it’s stats we came to know more than 85% of users are using mobile internet. 5% are using tablets and the rest is using desktop and other unknown devices. From it’s clear than less than 10% are only using desktop. So our website should be mobile first.

We are creating 100% mobile first website. So we optimise it for mobiles and tablets.