Manage WordPress Post Revisions with Plugin | Advanced options to manage WP post revisions

Here are the best plugins within advanced options for managing your WordPress Post revisions. Compare and select the best plugin for managing WP revisions.

If you need advanced options for managing your WordPress Website’s post revisions, then you need to use a plugin to make your job easier.


One such WordPress plugin is: Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

The above WordPress plugin is hosted at plugin website section. Some of it’s features are

Main Features of Manage WordPress Post Revisions Plugin

  • Deletes revisions of posts, pages and / or custom post types
  • Deletes posts, pages and comments from trash
  • Deletes comments marked as spams
  • Deletes unused tags
  • Deletes expired or all transients items
  • Deletes all pingbacks and trackbacks
  • Clears the OEMBED cache
  • Deletes all orphan postmeta items
  • Optimises the database tables that you specify with a feature to exclude certain tables, or even specific posts/pages, from optimisation.
  • Creates a log of the all optimisations done
  • Optimisation can be scheduled to automatically at a specific time
  • Database optimisation one click link in the admin bar
  • An Icon in the admin menu to Optimise Database
  • WordPress Multisite compatible: can optimise all websites in a network with a click.

I’m not a great fan of using too many WordPress plugins as it is harder to manage all of them whenever an update is there for WordPress or for the plugin. During an update plugins may break the website or might not be functional. So I prefer to use WordPress functions without plugins instead try to create own plugins or use it in default WP theme or with my own custom plugin. I will cover more details about it on another article.

If you want to simply manage WordPress Post revisions without the use of any plugins, then read my post on how to restrict, remove, disable, or manage WordPress post revisions without using any plugins.

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