Adhrikay as Mahabali Kerala King on Malayala Manorama Newspaper Onam Photo Contest

Adhrikay, son of Pratish Kumar from Thalavady, Alappuzha, Kerala (India) as Mahabali – Kerala King on Malayala Manorama Newspaper’s Onam Photo Contest winners list that appeared on 29 August 2020 Newspaper.

Adhrikay on Malayala Manorama Newspaper as Mahabali Kerala King - Onam Photo Contest Winner
Adhrikay on Malayala Manorama Newspaper as Mahabali Kerala King – Onam Photo Contest Winner

Onam & Mahabali

Onam is a seasonal festival celebrated in Kerala and among Malayalis around the world. Onam is celebrated on the 22nd nakshatra Thiruvonam in the month Chingam of Malayalam calendar, which in Gregorian (International) calendar overlaps with August–September months.

Onam is celebrated in the memory of legendary Kerala King named Mahabali. Mahabali thampuran’s spirit is said to visit Kerala and among Keralites living in different parts of the world at the time of Onam.

About Malayala Manorma

Malayala Manorma is one of the leading news paper media in India having highest number of circulations in Malayalam language and in Kerala state.

As of December 2019, daily circulation of Malayalamanorama newspaper is 2,308,612.

About Malayala Manorma Photo Competition

Malayala Manorma occasionally conduct different photo contests to encourage and find talents in persons.

This time Malayala Manorma conducted photo competition to find the one who dressed as the best Mahabali in Kerala among kids as it is Onam season.

About Adhrikay

Adhrikay is the world’s youngest kid who is having a website. His website was launched at the time of his naming ceremony.

The official website of Adhrikay is where you can read more information about him and his activities. His mom is behind all his activities. She is giving him inspiration, help and all support for all his arts. His website is presently managed by me. It’s time to play, and learn art. On next year we will start teaching him to code. Hopefully, he may love coding like his dad.

Please do share and support this young talent. Your support is essential for the further growth of this kid.

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