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Welcome to the official website of Webmaster Pratish Kumar. Stay tuned with this website for untold tips, tricks, much more secret sausages that gonna inspire you and change your life to the next level.

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I will try my level best to create a wonderful website filled with fun, real & genuine information, real-life experience, in-depth research articles on each and every topic so that all these will help to reach the destiny of what you are searching for or to succeed in your life.

Despite using this website for marketing which is usually filled with hype, I will keep this website personal that is mostly for non-marketing purpose and for writing stuffs that really works in your real life.

My Expertise Fields

  • Coding
  • Search Engine Optimisation – SEO
  • Online Promotion of websites
  • Business Promotion, Online Branding, Digital marketing
  • HTML Website Creation
  • WordPress Website Creation
  • WordPress Development
  • CMS
  • eCommerce & Shopping Carts, Online Store/Shop
  • Servers Administration – Security, Cloud, Load balancing, High Traffic Mangement, Optimisation, Web Hosting, Server OS & Hosting Software
  • Cyber Security
  • Web & Mobile App Development
  • Online Software Development, Cloud App Development
  • Bodybuilding
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Personality Development
  • Others

Based on the above expertise fields, I will write articles based on my real life experience and works for most of you. No hype, No Hoax. Everything will be best of my knowledge and experience and written after in-depth research on the topic.

Most of the content of my website will be an answer for the following type of people.

  • Who ask questions to be directly about it.
  • Who ask questions to be silently by using their actions, to conversation with others.
  • Who wish to ask these question or want to know about it.
  • Who are searching for in-depth knowledge on something.
  • You can read more about this from about page.

You can read more information about this website, me and the purpose of this website from about page.

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