Republic of Wadiya – COVID-19! Report

Republic of Wadiya has not reported a single case of COVID-19! This is what real leadership looks like! Let’s check the facts.

Republic of Wadiya
Republic of Wadiya


Now let’s check the facts of the Covid19 news on Republic of Wadiya. This news is a parody which is also called as a Troll news. To understand this you need to know about the country Wadiya, please continue reading to know more.

Republic of Wadiya

Republic of Wadiya is a fictional country in an English comedy movie The Dictator released on 2012. Admiral General Aladeen, the dictator of the fictional Republic of Wadiya. You can read more about the movie from Wikipedia.

Republic of Wadiya and COVID 19

Now it’s trending on News medias about COVID 19 report on hourly, daily and overhaul basics. There were reports that some countries & states are trying to lower their cases number just to show that their health care is best in class and some are trying to exaggerate cases report numbers of other some countries or states. It seems like a battle between countries or states to show their healthcare is the best.

So when considering the above facts, the above image is a parody to make fun of these fights. This is now called a troll news. The picture blames all those who fight for showing as the best healthcare and those who blame others for their rapid rise of covid 19 cases.

Republic of Wadiya – COVID-19! Report Troll: Meaning

The meaning of the picture is ‘Republic of Wadiya’ which is a fictional country in an English comedy movie The Dictator, has not reported any covid 19 cases report yet. Admiral General Aladeen, the dictator in the movie, always praise himself and wants everyone to praise him. The same is happening in the current situation, every country or state leaders want are praising themselves and they want others to praise them. They are even using printed news medias, online news medias and even social medias for this.

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