For some of us Quarantine or Lockdown is nothing new


For some of us Quarantine or Lockdown is nothing new. We mind our business, be careful who we get close to and stay away from toxic people everyday. Meaning is given here.

For some of us Quarantine or Lockdown is nothing new – Meaning

Due to the pandemic condition, Government of many countries has declared lock down for some days. Also for those who are suspected to covid-19 virus infection or are coming from abroad, quarantine for some days has been set by many governments. But many people have questioned or are talking against these actions as they used to contact with many persons everyday. They cannot sit inside their home for somedays. They used to get in touch with many especially for creating and spreading gossips, creation troubles, blabber, drinking, etc. Even the government declared quarantine programs and lock downs for the preventing the mass spread of this corona virus, people are against it due to these reasons.

At the same time, there are other person who understand the aim of the government and doesn’t care much about been in quarantines & lock downs for a week because they mind only their business and they do not want to spread gossips or other bad activities.

Lock downs helped people to start organic farming and many home businesses & their by keeping their health in check and earn extra income. It also helps many to save money and cut down their unwanted luxury. People also started new possibilities of life and began to start creating thinking. They learned to start loving and spending time with their family and children.

Yes, there are negatives side of this pandemic condition, but these are some of the positive side of it.

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